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Step-1: Copy Video Link From Facebook.


Step-2: Paste Video Link In Facebook Downloader Box and Click Download.


Step-3: Your Video Ready to Download Click HD or SD Which One You Want to Save Your Device.


Most Efficient and Swift Fb Video downloader

Fbtwitt has made downloading Facebook videos so easy and smooth. Facebook is a powerful and impressive social media platform that entertains people optimally.

There are hundreds of videos uploaded on Facebook daily, which people swatch and enjoy. Some clips and videos mesmerize and catch your eyesight that you want to download them instantly. The videos can be in mp3 or mp4 format, and it assists in downloading both formats swiftly.

No, the FbTwitt is a useful tool that helps its users in downloading Facebook videos conveniently on their device without causing any interruption error. The device can be a laptop, computer, tab, or even a smartphone. Your downloading video access is just a click away from you, and even there is no need for installation of the tool for usage. The tool is directly available on the web for possible use by users.

Is Fbtwitt safe for video downloading?

When it comes to videos on Facebook, then there are lots of private videos as well. No one wants to leak such videos or let these videos be mishandled. So everyone has queries and concerns about the safety of videos. Fbtwitt is an excellent and superb tool on which you can rely entirely without fearing security. The security measures of the too, would not let it store the saved video. The fbtwitt is a safe tool as it maintains your data privacy intact by working as an anonymous party.

How to reach videos after saving?

The video which you save from this fantastic tool is easy to fix after downloading as well. Because when you save the video, it will ultimately reach your ‘’ download’’ folder. In another way, there is another option available. You can save the video in any folder of your choice manually.

How to get the chrome extension for this FB video downloader?

This FB video downloader also provides a chrome extension that has extended its use worldwide. With the help of the chrome extension, you can get your FB videos downloaded with a single click. Open the site of the video downloader, you will find a chrome button in the tab of

‘’extension’’. Click on it, and it naturally does the service. Next time, whenever you like any video and want to download it, then tap on the Extension. Button, the web page for downloading of video will open immediately to process the task.

Easy & Free

Step-1: Copy Video Link From Twitter Share Button.


Step-2: Paste Video Link In Twitter Downloader Box and Click Download.


Step-3: Your Video Ready to Download Click HD or SD Which One You Want to Save Your Device.


Save Time and Energy While Saving Twitter Videos

The desire for the following trend is quite common in people. They incline toward the latest updates about their favorite niche, such as businesses, entertainment, education, etc. Hence, they join such groups, pages, or follow social media accounts for this. Highly popular of these social media accounts are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Scrolling the social media account lets the users view much useful content that they like to download, primarily when available in video form. Let reliable online tools download Twitter videos swiftly for your convenience!

Reliable Twitter Video Downloading Source:

Saving twitter videos is possible on your device by using a reliable and convenient Twitter video downloader. A prestigious and multifunctional video downloader is the one that lets the user convert Twitter videos both in video format and audio format. Let your gallery fill with your desired twitter videos, which you can share with your friends and family in a single click only. Not only this, but you may also convert Twitter video to audio to use it as an audio recording.

Users having an interest in music such as songs, ringtones, etc. can take fantastic benefit from this online tool.
At the end of the downloading option for the tweet videos, the user gets the sharing facility on different social media accounts. Hence, you can click on such a button to share your Tweet video after conversion onto your social media accounts, which people may admire. Safety and security are not at risk when the prestigious online tool is used. Accessibility and accuracy are other parameters that are guaranteed with the use of reliable online tools.

Quick and Easy Downloading Method:

Convert twitter video to audio without compromising the quality. Yes, it is possible to use the most fantastic and excellent online tool for this, which is none other than fbtwitt. This conversion is massively easy, and the user does not have to suffer much to get the required video in their desire format. The first step is to open your Twitter account and then choose the Twitter video, that you like to convert into audio. After making a selection, get the URL of it, which you can paste into the online tool’s URL field.

There are two different types of methods for getting this URL. The first method is to copy the link from the browser’s address bar. While the other way is to click on the symbol of “…” and offer multiple options to you. Navigate and select “Copy Link to Tweet.” It will redirect you towards the link of that particular tweet, which you can copy by pressing the button Ctrl+C.
Download Twitter videos without spending any money. Save all of your energies and precious Money through the use of a durable and reliable online tool. After pasting the link on the online tool’s empty field, click on the button Download. It would provide you outcomes in the wink of an eye. It works on both videos as well as GIFs and redirects these directly to your device gallery.