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Converting videos made easy with these free online tool

Posted on December 31, 2020 by

Downloading videos from websites seems like a big hustle. In reality, it requires little to no work.
One must wonder about the need to download videos. There are many uses of downloaded videos.

Similarly, there are countless means to download videos from different websites. Some
websites provide free access to downloading software. Software for downloading videos is
easy to use. They often come at a minute cost; membership fee or purchase price.

If you want
to use such software free of cost, they are often paired with ads and locked features. Websites
offer the same services and there is a wide range of free websites to download your videos
from. Downloading videos has been made easy by user-friendly websites and software.

find themselves entangled when they download certain videos but are unable to play them.
This usually happens when the video is in AVI, VOB, FLV, and WEBM. Websites upload videos in
these formats because these formats compress the size of the video to provide easy uploading
and easy sharing of videos.

While videos are easy to share, they don’t always work on many
videos playing software. This software requires you to change the format of VOB to MP4
format as all playback devices are universal to MP4 formats.

Another reason to convert VOB to
MP4 is that you can upload MP4 videos to any website. Furthermore, you can use MP4 videos
in any video editing software. MP4 is a universal format and works like a charm. It is compatible
with all types of websites, software, ads, and online video-watching platforms.

Why convert VOB to MP4 format

Videos with VOB formats are the ones stored in DVDs. You can run VOB files on any playback
device like VLC Media Player. The only drawback is that you cannot copy-paste VOB files from
DVD disc to your storage device.

Copy and Pasting VOB files fail to retain their quality and files
often become corrupt. You have to convert VOB to MP4 first in order to make it work on your
playback device.

Some old versions of android devices and video cameras record videos in VOB
format. It is a slightly older video format and with the advancement in technology, new devices
do not support this format. Therefore, you are compelled to convert VOB to MP4. The best
online platform to convert any video format to MP4 is fileconverter.xyz.

The reason why this
website is the best is that it is free and easy to use. Don’t believe us? Head over to the link and
see for yourself. It provides free-of-cost access, no account registration, no ads, etc.

Step-by-step Procedure to convert any video of VOB to MP4

 Navigate to the option and look up your desired video format.
 Upload the file you want to convert or copy and paste the link in the search box.
 Select your video type, format, and cover art.
 Click on convert and wait a few seconds.
 Download the converted video on your device and share it with your friends.