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Myths and reality of converting your video to AVI

Posted on December 31, 2020 by

While there are numerous audio/video formats. The widest known format is MP4 for video files
and MP3 for audio files.

For audio files, M4A and FLAC formats are the two audio formats used
by professionals. These formats have high quality and excellent rendering texture. The
background noises are salient. In audio files having M4A or FLAC format, you can hear
instruments, main vocals, background vocals, chorus, bridges, etc.

separately in layers. It makes
it a relatively heavier-in-size audio file. Similarly, if we talk about video files, MP4 and MKV have
the highest quality and compatibility.

When you download any video from the internet, you can
see the file saves as an MP4 format video file. For the same files in MKV format, the size of the
file increases.

People believe it to be a myth and believe MKV files take up extra space on your
storage device. In reality, although the differences between MP4 and MKV are slight, a
significant difference can be seen during the editing and rendering of videos in both formats. MP4
the format is more compatible than MKV, while MKV has a high frame rate that makes it the best
format to stream movies and videos. Talking about AVI, it is the oldest known video format.

That is why people convert their videos to AVI.

Legacy of AVI format

AVI format is deemed a legacy for working around 28 full years. It was first introduced in 1992
interlinked with WMV. Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format was used by moviemakers, singers,
songwriters, documentaries, handy cams, film cinema, and countless others.

With videos, it was
used side-by-side as an audio format up until 2001. MP4 was introduced in 2001 which became
the next universally accepted video file format. People use the AVI format to this date. Audios and
videos in AVI format take up less space as compared to other formats. This format is widely
accepted by almost all playback devices.

As of today, the greatest playback software VLC
plays AVI format like a charm. The reason to convert your video to AVI format is that you can
play these files in today’s world computers as well as in old-school VCRs and DVD players. You
can easily convert any video to AVI, compress it to a DVD, and run it on your old DVD player to
bring back the nostalgia.

Another myth relating AVI format is when you convert a video to AVI, the quality of the video
decreases along with its size. It is not always true. The quality decreases if you use third-party
software to convert your video.

By using the infamous fileconverter.xyz, you can convert any
video to AVI without fear of losing the video quality.

How to convert a video to AVI?

Converting a video to AVI format is very easy. It is a simple four-step procedure; copy-paste
link/upload file, select format, click convert and download on your device. The steps are explained

 Circumnavigate fileconverter.xyz to find the search box. Copy and paste the link to the
video you want to convert. You can also add a file from your desktop.

 Select a format. For this video, we will select the video to AVI option. You can select any
format for AVI.
 Click on the convert now button and wait for a few seconds (time depends on network
 Download the converted video on your device and enjoy.