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Posted on December 31, 2020 by

There are tons of audio/video converters on the world wide web. Users often find difficulty in converting their files as the converter software are complex to use. They require some adequate skills to convert files.

Although audio to video, video to audio, video to MP4, etc. converter software provides a lot of extra features along with conversion, they are often difficult to use. People often find themselves in ambiguity as they cannot get used to it; converting files using different software.

Moreover, downloaded software requires a lot of storage space, and they come at a cost. If you find free file converting software, you can download it. If you manage to learn the skills to use it efficiently, another problem arises i.e.,

file converter software leaves a watermark on the converter file. If you convert an MP3 to MP4 or video to MP4 by using any software, you can see a watermark, either on the bottom left or bottom right of the video.

If you convert a video to audio, a watermark adds as cover art for the audio file. Some software provides a variety of watermarks. You can choose a watermark from those options that fits best on your file. You can also opt to remove the watermark from the file. This option comes at a cost.

It requires you to purchase the Pro version of the software that comes with additional features such as no ads, removing the watermark, and much more. It can either be a monthly membership, a yearly subscription, or a one-time purchase. Either way, it is not free.

Online file converter tools

There are several online file converter websites. Not only these websites are free; they do not offer any watermark. You can convert your files without watermarks hassle-free. Another perk of the online file converter tool is that they do not allow pop-up ads. They earn their share through website tariff so you can enjoy smooth, and free transition of file converting.

Fileconverter.xyz is the best online file converter. You can convert audio to video, video to MP4, VOB to MP4, AVI to MP4, MKV to MP4, MOV to MP4, and much more. The main reason to convert video to MP4 is that every video editing software requires MP4 files. Moreover, android devices shoot videos in MKV format, while iPhones shoot videos in MOV format.

Video cameras also shoot videos in MOV format. If you want to edit/render videos, you need to convert the video to MP4 first. Another reason for converting video to MP4 is that the MP4 format compresses the size of the video while retaining its quality. Video to MP4 converter websites is free of cost, simple to use, and do not use watermarks.

Instructions on how to convert any file using file converter.xzy

The website offers a simple four-step procedure.

1. Upload the desired video.
2. Choose your format e.g., MP4
3. Click convert.
4. Click download and save the converted file on a destination folder.